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Technical Services

  • Air, Saturation and Mixed Gas Dive Support

  • Hyperbaric Welding and Underwater Intervention Technical Authority

  • Mobilisation Support Specialists

  • Technical Support Servies, Engineering and Diving

Air, Saturation and Mixed Gas Dive Project Support


Project Planning and Managment


Orca supply and manage standalone projects such as re-commissioning of all types of sat and air dive systems, welding systems and specific projects were diving and construction expertise are required.


Currently, Orca offer expertise for the following situations:


  • Equipment mobilizations

  • Drydocking scopes of work

  • Dive system maintenance periods

  • New build vessel system installation support

  • Setting up a remote worksite to support various maintenance or mobilization projects

  • In addition to project support services for complex and technical saturation and air diving operational projects


Orca will supply a detailed project plan for any of the above scenarios which would include procurement schedules, personnel requirements for the project, timelines and milestone dates, third-party company targets, equipment hire, client tasks and budget control for all Orca deliverables.

Technical Supervision / Project Manager

Orca supply technical supervisors or superintendents to lead or consult on specific mobilizations, new build projects, dry dockings, maintenance periods and standalone projects as requested by our clients.


All supervisors or superintendents are fully competent and carry decades of experience to carry out the supervisory roles for these types of projects and are fully trained in all aspects of controlling the scope of work, working to the timeline allotted as per project plan, dealing with onsite third-party contractors and instilling a strict safety policy on all work sites.

Technical Personnel


Orca supply additional personnel of various disciplines to complement and enhance our clients' current team and add expertise to support current projects without the need to source and secure these individuals on a permanent basis. All technicians supplied by Orca will be of a high standard as noted in their “technical competency rating” as measured against the Orca training scheme. This “record of competency” has been implemented by Orca to ensure that we supply technical personnel with skill levels of a high quality to our clients.


In addition to supplying specialist personnel Orca on a dedicated basis Orca can also let our clients draw from our in-house team for review and generation of specific procedures, plans of works, project schedules.

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  • Air, Saturation and Mixed Gas Dive Support

  • Hyperbaric Welding and Underwater Intervention Technical

  • Mobilisation Support Specialists

  • Technical Support Servies, Engineering and Diving


Hyperbaric Welding and Underwater Intervention Technical Authority

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Mobilisation Support Specialists


Orca Subsea have partnered with CoreMarine A/S to provide our clients with a turnkey option project and large asset mobilisations. The joint venture aims to provide full mobilisation support from engineering design to procurement. We will also have the ability to package manage specific scopes within our areas of expertise.

The combination of logistics and engineering skills purely for mobilisation support is an exciting and new approach for the industry. It will provide Clients with the knowledge that their mobilisation will be delivered on-time and within budget by an experienced team. Below is a brief description of the joint offering from Orca and CoreMarine can offer to our clients.


FEED – Tender Submissions, Vessel Suitability Studies and Analysis, Equipment Cost Analysis


PRE-MOBILISATION – Equipment Procurement, Detailed Engineering, Procedure Development, HIRA/HAZID facilitation, Asset Management, Fabrication Management


MOBILISATION – 24hr Mobilisation Support both Logistically and Engineering competencies, Quayside Management, Equipment and Supplier Coordination, Deck and Seafastening coordination





  • Air, Saturation and Mixed Gas Dive Procurement Support

  • Equipment and Tooling Rental

  • Dive Manuals, Operations Manuals Updated and New Build 

  • Planned Maintenance System(s) 

Air, Saturation and Mixed Gas Dive & ROV Procurement Support

Orca's technical team have over 70 years of operational subsea intervention experience. this experience has been utilised by many clients to provide procurement support, from the provision of project specific load-outs, Spool Installation,  Construction Scopes and mixed IRM requirements. To standard loadouts for Saturation, air, and mixed gas spreads. 


If you would like a sample loadout please get in touch 


Equipment and Tooling Rental

Buoyancy Rental Comming Soon

ROV tooling, diver tools, cutting and decommissioning equipment, deck cranes, winches, power packs, tensioners, spoolers, survey and deployment equipment and associated ancillaries.


Rental Equipment Pool

  • ROV & Diver Tooling

  • Torque Tools

  • Cutting Equipment

  • Grinding and Cutting

  • Drills 

  • Bolting and Bolt Tensioning

  • Hydraulic Pumps

  • Measurement

  • Cleaning  Equipment

  • Jetters

  • Hydraulic Shears

  • Bolder Grabs

  • Deck Equipment

  • Accumulator Units

  • Powered Hose Reels

  • Winches

  • Chutes

  • Spooling Equipment


Available from rental locations in Aberdeen, Newcastle and USA. 

Dive Manuals, Operations Manuals - Updated and New Build

Orca Subsea have successfully supplied dive manuals and operational manuals for a number of dive contractors. In addition to providing updates to take into account latest legislative and technological advances, in order to keep their documentation up to date and fit for purpose. 


Bespoke vessel and equipment spread specification and capabilities documentation. Which are Invaluable sales and technical tools, click for an example.


Contact Orca to discuss your requirements and how we can offer a cost-effective solution for your technical documentation requirements.

Planned Maintenance System(s) 

Orca personnel has over thirty years’ experience working with existing planned maintenance systems as well as designing and implementing systems for inbuilt and portable dive systems. This also covers portable hyperbaric welding systems, onshore hyperbaric facilities and specific equipment/systems as required by our clients.


Running in conjunction with any PMS work will be the dive system/equipment certification package. This will involve certification for equipment and systems as highlighted in IMCA guidelines and the relevant class authority requirements for certification of the equipment. 


Orca has successfully completed 10 fully bespoke PMS and Certification systems in 2017. Both utilising the Orca Equipment Manager Application, excel and 3rd party solutions. 

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