CoreMarine A/S

CoreMarine was founded by a collective of subsea and marine engineers intent on developing technologies and efficient solutions for the Blue Economy. Our experience is from the oil and gas industry but we ensure that our services and competencies are directly transferable to other marine industries.


Products and Services:

Standardised Seafastening Package, Project Engineering, Mobilisation Support, Tender Support, FEED Studies, Structural Engineering and Calculation Support

PartnerPlast are a leading specialist in design, construction and rotational casting of plastic.  PartnerPlast manufacture a wide range of products within their four product segments; Seismic, Offshore & Subsea, Rotational Moulding and Aquaculture.


Geoforce Limited

Geoforce was founded in 2007 with the simple belief that the chaos and pain of field operations could be alleviated with technology. Since 2007, our mission has been to build the largest global network of connected field assets to provide operational intelligence to companies involved in field operations around the world


Combining a cloud-based software platform with rugged GPS devices and global satellite and cellular networks, Geoforce’s Track and Trace solutions include efficient asset location and retrieval, rental invoice auditing, service delivery verification, inspection compliance, equipment maintenance alerts, and a host of others.


Speciality Welds are one of the leading players in the welding and sub-sea sector and currently manufactures several patented sub-sea welding products and services.


Manufacturing of welding products takes place at AIS’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility in North Shields, where the company currently designs, makes and installs specialist insulation and fire protection jacketing systems for industry.

Products and Services:


GPS Tagging Solution, ATEX approved GPS Tags, Asset Tracking, Subsea Certified GPS Tags, Bluetooth and GPS Tags, Geofencing Asset Control, Automated Invoicing 

We are a UK based manufacturer of high-quality diving and subsea equipment, who specialise in underwater video and communications products for the inshore, offshore, ROV and military diving industries.

We have many years experience in the design, manufacturing and supply of diving equipment for marine environments. 


Our high-quality robust product with innovative features provides a cost-effective and durable solution.


Over 25 years ago C-Tecnics provided the first underwater video and communication system for underwater industries, and to this day we continue to be at the forefront of developments in subsea communications.


Products and Services:


Subsea Video System, Diver Communication, Depth Monitors, Hyperbaric Equipment, Underwater Camera, Underwater Lighting, Diver Equipment, Bespoke Video Subsea Systems

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