Logistics, Mobilizations & Procurement

ORCA strives to provide the highest standard of services for logistics, mobilizations and procurement.


ORCA can supply logistics support at any mobilisation location globally by providing logistics on-site coordinators as required by the client to support the specific mobilisation requirements.

Orca’s Logistics team have in depth experience in heavy and specialized equipment movements. This ranges from 100 Te – 1000 Te movements of mid water arches, Xmas trees, portable saturation dive systems and Full Work Class ROV’s systems.

Orca’s dedicated logistics team also have extensive project mobilization experience, working for Technip, Subsea 7 & FMC. Thus enabling easy integration into our clients supply chain and project project management teams.

Our logistics support ranges from full organisational support and execution of the mobilization including, fabrication, on site heavy machinery, sea fastening of equipment, transport management, securing of berth in required port and ADHOC purchasing during the operation.

The members of our team are well versed in these operations with over 25 years of experience. Our main focus is to delivery the mobilization on time and with zero safety incidents. The experience, which our members of our team have gained in this area is key for ensuring the smooth running of the operation and that vessels are operational as soon as possible.

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Specialist Movement

Orca Subsea will ensure that all logistical movements are handled with the upmost professionalism and are executed to the highest industry standards.

From the initial enquiry where we get our clients details of the shipment we formulate a precise plan to execute the works with in the required time frame in a cost effective manner. With this service we can offer a wide range of services from packaging the material safely for the movement to cargo vessels for the required international or local movements.

The process of our logistic movements is as follows:

Initial enquiry – once received one of our logistical team will be dedicated to our client to ensure a focal point for the whole movement or project mobilization.

Quotation obtained for client review- the member of our team will collate a number quotation for the material movement this will also have alterative options, Air, Sea, Road, dedicated vessel etc. This will be provided to ensure the client needs are met with the opportunity of cost savings for the client’s operation.

Project Awarded – Once the Project has been awarded to Orca a project kick off meeting will be held with the client to further progress the option chosen at quotation stage and incorporate Orca personnel into the clients project team. Orca will then make contact with our relevant parties to confirm the booking of the equipment and personnel for the project. A full project plan will be produced and issued to client which will be updated for the duration of the project. Orca will also participate in all required client and 3rd party HIRA’s, project meeting and reporting requirements.

Day of collection – On the day of the collection from the designated location we will have our clients dedicated Orca representative at the location to ensure safe management of the work site and loading of the equipment goes as planned. Orca will also then undertake a full video survey of the equipment / product both pre and post move in addition to a full documentation suite.

Tracking of movement- once the equipment is in transit we will issue daily updates on the progress of the movement along with a progressing project schedule.

Offload at point of delivery – Once the shipment has reached the required offload location Orca will ensure the offload is handled in the same manner as previously described in the “day of collection” and that a full visual survey is completed and any damage is noted and reported back to the client. Orca will then on completion of the project will issue a as built project summary along with a comprehensive documentation package including lessons learned.

At Orca Subsea our logistics team have well over 20 years of experience in logistical movements from small equipment to installation reels over 450te in weight. The Experience of our personnel comes from working with major subsea contractors, Technip , Subsea 7 , FMC Technologies during critical projects with very limited time frames across the globe. By choosing Orca Subsea you ensure your shipment is handle in the most cost effective, safe and on schedule.

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Mobilization Support Process

Orca Subsea offer project mobilization support to our clients ensuring smooth safe running and cost effective mobilization operations.

With this we will offer a full suite of documentation, on and offsite back up and 12 hourly progress reports of activities.

  • Meeting required with the client to ensure a clear work scope can be defined. This is to ensure that key areas are addressed so the correct sequence of the operation is applied Lift sequence to be sent to the client to ensure key milestone operations are approved prior to commencement of works
  • Suitable berth sourced in the required port for vessel.
  • Organization of all transport for the required collection of equipment if required. 3rd party contractors sourced for sea fastening, load testing, Craneage etc.
  • Mobilization plan issued to client for review
  • The day before the vessel arrives on site the ORCA representative will be on location to set up the equipment and loading sequence to ensure operation can begin as per schedule on arrival of the vessel
  • On the arrival of the vessel we can supply the required security for the port call and any other equipment required to assist with the mobilization for our clients Once the vessel is secured we will hold a tool box talk with the third party subcontractors to ensure they have a clear outline of the operation
  • Daily updates of progress will be issued to our clients which will also contain the time sheets of third party subcontractors for review
  • A traffic light system of the deck plan will be issued to give an update on the securing and lifting of the required equipment

Upon the completion of the operation the ORCA representative will coordinated with the required agency and port authorities to ensure of quick release of the vessel from the port The quayside clean up will be completed by our onsite rep and any transport can be organised for any equipment to be returned to various location; Once completed we will issue a time line of events to our clients for review.

With choosing Orca Subsea to handle your logistical and operational side of the mobilization, we will ensure we deliver the operation on time and safely and with also cost savings to our clients.

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Mobilization Support

ORCA Subsea provide various services for DSV dive system and related support equipment mobilisations.

We can provide total management of the mobilisation from planning the onsite scope of work which encompasses provision of an on-site ORCA Subsea Superintendent, Technical Supervisor and additional technical personnel as required by our clients for the specific scope of work.

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The target for both the client and ORCA for a successful mobilisation with all deliverables met (i.e. schedule and budget) can only be achieved with the appropriate planning in place and an approved schedule of events for the mobilisation.

With the clients input ORCA will produce a detailed schedule that includes all third party and class involvement in the scope of work as required by our clients. In short ORCA Subsea will manage the complete mobilisation as per approved schedule.

See below the required steps in the “Post Mobilisation” phase of work:

  • Review of scope of work supplied by clients technical department
  • List third party involvement and requirements
  • Liaise with relevant classification society relevant to the scope of work during the mobilisation
  • Feasibility Study & Risk Assessment review
  • Procurement schedule
  • Logistics support requirements to be highlighted
  • Produce project plan with milestone dates for mobilisation to client
  • List ORCA personnel required for mobilisation
  • Client to finalise dates for mobilisation

ORCA Logistics and Technical departments organize deliveries etc. as required.

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Mobilization Works

Once the mobilisation is confirmed and underway (phase 2) the ORCA onsite management team will be deployed. This will usually be the on-site Superintendent, Technical Supervisor and Logistics supervisor (if required). The following noted tasks will be addressed as required.

Initial On-site Preparation

Meeting with workforce i.e. anyone carrying out work under the supervision of ORCA to finalise daily requirements and procedures as noted below:

  • Worksite management / supervision structure (for clarity)
  • Permit to work procedure
  • Daily tool box talks (logged and signed)
  • Isolation requirements as per procedure
  • Working at height requirements as per procedure
  • Confined space entry as per procedure
  • General safety and working practices

Working Daily Requirements

  • Tool box talk with all personnel. Sheet to be signed by all personnel and logged
  • Permit to work document to be raised by worksite supervisor
  • Safe entry permits to be generated if required
  • Isolation certificates to be raised or extended as required
  • Safety hazards to be highlighted to management / supervisor as required
  • Daily report from ORCA Superintendent highlighting daily events and personnel on site (including third party personnel)
  • ORCA Subsea will provide the client with daily reports and will highlight any impact to the planned schedule of tasks and events. This way our client is kept up to date at all times of the progress of the mobilisation and completion date

Third Party & Class Society Interface

ORCA Subsea will also provide services to liaise with all class society requirements i.e. ABS, DNV, LR and BV as required during the mobilisation period.

We work closely with the client’s onboard technical team and review the status of the dive system or equipment class accreditation to ensure that the system / equipment are within the regulations and guidelines laid down by the relevant class societies and IMCA.

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Equipment Brokerage & Procurement

Orca can offer a full equipment brokerage service, in addition to sourcing of specialist items of diving and drilling equipment.

Need to free up some yard space, remove some past project surplus equipment or consumables. Orca will take a full inventory of the equipment you wish to sell, market the equipment through our world wide database of potential customers and then present all the bids back to you for final selection approval. Orca operate this way to assure transparency for our clients and to ensure you are getting the best deal possible for your surplus.

Our aim with the brokerage side of the business to offer a solution to our client’s equipment needs and to also ensure the best quality items are sourced within the clients timeframe and budgetary requirements.

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