Through years of experince in the offshore diving industry Orca knows what is expected from all offshore equipment. We have taken this knowledge and applied it to our range of Launch And Recovery Systems (LARS) and our upcoming portable diving system. All manufactured in accordance with IMCA guidelines and with the option for DNV class approval.

Compact & Stackable Launch and Recovery System

Comprising an adjustable A-frame, two top-mounted hydraulically controlled man-riding winches, a dive or tooling basket , control box and clump weight: our diving LARS system provides safety and flexibility in deployment and recovery of commercial divers. It does so, while enabling easy transportation, installation, and storage.

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When designing the modular A-frame, safety was of paramount importance. The system is proven and certified by DNV and complies with IMCA regulations. A key advantage of this diver launch and recovery system over conventional systems, is that the two man-riding winches are mounted on top of the A-frame instead of the platform. This eliminates the need for guide sheaves, and clears the platform of equipment. The approach guarantees optimal access and a safe workspace.


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Portable Dive Systems

Coming Soon in 2018

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Orca also offer a full equipment refurbishment and repurposing option for our client. Covering all items of Deck Machinery such as winches, cranes, HPU’s ect in addition to diving and ROV equipment.

Refurbishments and Repurposing

Orca Subsea can offer full refurbishment of diving and deck equipment please view below our capabilities and recently completed projects

  • Case Study 1- Winch Spread Refurbishment
    • Orca provided a winch spread for our client which was purchased from our brokerage equipment pool of equipment and then fully sand blasted, repainted, seals and hoses replaced and grillage designed and installed for our clients work scope. This was completed within 14 days of receipt of purchase order.IMG_0452
  • Case Study 2 – DDC Refurbishment
    • Following a audit by a third party a number of issues needed rectifying in order for the chamber to be brung back up to the clients requirements in addition to some of the latest IMCA recommendations. Orca then provided a plan of work and procurement list to bring the chamber back up to standard and close out the outstanding audit and IMCA actions. To minimise downtime and disruption to the client Orca undertook the work onsite, completion the mechanical and electrical workshops with a 2 week period.  The project was successfully completed within  4 weeks, including 2 weeks onsite works with all audit points closed and successfully remedied.
  • Case Study 3 – LARS and Divers Personnel Equipment
    • Another item provided from the Orca brokerage equipment pool, Due to tight time constraints our client was unable to source a new build LAR’s unit within there delivery time frame, 2 weeks. However Orca had a 2nd user LAR’s which required some modification and new HPU to bring up to the clients requirements. We undertook this workscope and were able to supply a fully refurbished unit and HPU within the desired time period in addition to saving a considerable sum over a new build unit. In addition Orca also undertook refurbishment and replacement of all Divers Personal Equipment.
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